Why an Investment Mindset is Key to Running Success

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In life, every decision you make is based on spending or investing. Both options are very different.


You spend money on shoes, watches, nice cars and furniture. Time is spent watching Netflix series after Netflix series, mindlessly consuming social media updates. Your health is spent eating fried, greasy foods day in day out.

Long story short, spending leads to short term pleasure at the expense of your future self. Buying nice expensive shoes makes you feel good now, but your future self may need that money.


You invest money in savings and assets (bonds and shares, real-estate, items that go up in value). You invest time in educating yourself with books, podcasts and mentors. Investment in your health can be made by eating natural foods like fruit and vegetables, and drinking water.

Long story short, investing means you sacrifice time and energy now, to benefit your future self. Reading a communication book is demanding in the short term, but after reading you will be a better communicator and experience more success when conversing with colleagues, family and friends.

Simply put, investment is the act of putting in resources now (time, effort, money etc.) with the expectation of future gain. When you run, you’re putting in your time and effort today for the great benefits running grants tomorrow like being a healthy weight, improved mood and being healthier.

Running is a huge investment with minimal costs, for maximum benefits

Investors make decisions based on perceived costs and benefits. Running’s benefits far outweigh the minor costs. The benefits can be seen through as little as 15 minutes a day, with most only feeling strains of physical effort for their first few runs. Once you’ve got the first week out the way, your body adapts and running becomes second nature.

Suddenly, the supposed ‘effort’ is unnoticeable as you feel confident in your technique and rhythm, enjoying the feelgood endorphin hormones circulating in your body.
The time and effort invested is relatively small when you consider all the amazing, life changing benefits.

Running is an investment in yourself. Once you understand and adopt an investment mind-set, you will be motivated to run more, plan, maintain a running diary, challenge yourself and participate in events. Investment is the mind-set for running success.

Don’t be a chronic spender, invest more

Most people CHOOSE to spend than invest. It’s easy to spend your time – and health – sitting around eating crisps and chocolate because ‘you don’t feel like exercising’. Such a mind-set can be destructive to your health.

Sure, not exercising and eating fried chicken today is unlikely to single handedly cause any drastic effects. But imagine if you made this decision every day? The poor diet and exercise choices would soon add up to make overweight, unhealthy unable to move well.  Don’t let that happen, adopt an investment mindset.

‘Do what is meaningful, not what is expedient’

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist, summarised it perfectly in his 2017 book ’12 rules for life’. Rule number 7 is as follows: ‘Do what is meaningful, not what is expedient’.

Meaningful refers to valuable, worthwhile decisions that will positively impact your life, like running in the morning, eating an apple instead of a biscuit and reading an educational book rather than scrolling through Facebook’s endless barrage of funny videos for 2 hours. Expedient means you do what is convenient and practical now, for the short term, even though it may be immoral or the wrong decision.

For instance, you try to convince yourself you don’t need to go running today because you’re tired or you’ll do it tomorrow. If you’ve supposedly committed yourself to a running regime, deep down you know you haven’t made the right decision.

Do what is meaningful and invest in yourself by running. Not what is expedient and convenient in the short term. Your confident, healthier, fitter, happier, more fulfilled self will thank you for it.

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