Why Running will Change your Life for the Better

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Running can improve the quality of your life. Humans have been running since the start of their existence, an activity still enjoyed today worldwide. Thankfully we are not -unlike our homo sapiens ancestors – running away from lions, tigers and bears.  We’re running for the life changing, valuable benefits running brings.

The thought of starting a running regime may fill you with dread. Finding and purchasing running gear, planning your first run, frantically panting to catch your breath, waterfalls of sweat, wobbly legs as you recover. Why would anyone subject themselves to such an experience?

Like anything worthwhile in life, running certainly has its challenges. However, these are massively outweighed by the positives which will set you on a productive, happier, more fulfilled life.


Imagine being asked to drive a rusty car with a worn engine which hasn’t seen action in a few years to travel to an important destination? Like most people, you wouldn’t be too sure.  Picture yourself as a car.

Do you want to be looked after, well-oiled and primed to perform at your best at any given moment or would you rather be unreliable, unhealthy, with a high likelihood of a breakdown at any given moment? As the saying goes, it’s a no brainer.

Running regularly improves blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol levels, strengthens bones, gives you lungs of iron, lowers body fat and increases life expectancy.
You will drive through life like a Ferrari. Performing optimally, taking on the worlds challenges confidently.

Wealth in Life

How can running help put money in your pocket? After all, you’re doing this for recreation outside of working hours, right? Running has long been linked to maintaining and protecting your intelligence as you age. Cognitive ability can be viewed an important money-making asset. It allows you to solve problems, learn new skills, perform tasks, present your ideas and communicate. All activities which help you earn money.

A sales person must be sharp as tack when selling, a store assistant need to organise the store conscientiously and a mechanic needs to identify and solve engine problems effectively.

Peak performance at work can be enhanced with regular exercise, impacting your income accordingly. Running does not cost much to get started, with the added benefit of saving money on alcohol when you have a run the next morning.
Find out more about how running can benefit your career here.


Encouraging your partner, friends or family members to run alongside you is great for deeper connection to positively impact relationship quality.

After a couple of weeks, you and your relations will start to feel and look healthier, exhibit confidence, help each other overcome running challenges which help you connect at a deeper level.

Think of a time in your life when you’ve overcome a stressful and demanding challenge at work, school, home or even in a social situation, with the help of someone you trust. It’s not at times of rest and calm our deepest relationships are forged; it is through overcoming the chaos of a situation we fight alongside each other to get stronger.

Fulfilment in Life

You can find rewarding fulfilment from running. Not just for yourself, but for others too. You can enter a race and represent a charity, raising money and promoting the charities mission.

There are thousands of charities with different visions for the future. From alleviating the sufferings of the poor, funding research for terminal diseases or improving life quality for disabled people. One is bound to resonate with you and your values to inspire fundraising running efforts. In the words of Gandhi, ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’.

Running for charity is an easy way to change lives and leads to fulfilment.


Running is an adventure that keeps on giving. Whether you’re jogging through nature, exploring a new city, or running overseas, you will be constantly discovering. Discovering new places, other people and your own abilities.
What an adventure.

The beauty of running is that it can be done anywhere in the world, with minimal equipment and virtually no cost. The experiences are rich, opportunities are plentiful, and the memories are for life.

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