10 Great Christmas Gifts for Runners

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It’s the season to be jolly and you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who loves running. The problem is you have no idea what to get them. In this article, we share 10 great Christmas gift ideas for runners. Enjoy and happy holidays.

1. Medal Running Hanger

If there’s one thing runners love to do, it’s to show off their achievements. This medal running hanger is the perfect gift for a keen pavement pounder to both conveniently store and show of the medals they’ve earned over their running career.

These holders come in a range of designs to meet varying tastes, can be easily installed in approximately fifteen minutes, are made of lasting high quality steel, and are a brilliant way for a runner to space their collection of medals with pride.

This inspiring gift will make your loved one feel understood and appreciated, as a quick glance at the hanger will remind them of all the sweat, laughter and tears that has gone into accumulating the collection as it stands.

2. Running mug


Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate? Having a stylish cup that showcases someone’s passion makes that hot drink taste that much better.

A running mug is an excellent way for a runner to highlight their passion for the sport in the workplace, at home and while travelling. Not only that, but they’re also relatively inexpensive and come in all kinds of designs to suit different tastes.

3. LED Light Beanie Hat

Keeping safe is important for runners, especially in the darker and colder winter months. Running along the side of the road at night or early in the morning can be dangerous, with cars and black ice to contend with. It’s also important for runners to stay warm during colder months. This is where an LED light beanie hat can come in handy.

This uniquely designed beanie hat has an LED light built in, which can light up to thirty feet in front of the runner. Not only is it a cheap gift for a loved one, it also comes in a range of styles guaranteed to please all tastes. It can also be used for other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, dog walking and travel.

4. Anti-Chafe Balm Stick

Runners who enjoy long distances like 10Ks, half and full marathons, know all to well about chafing pains and discomfort.

When we run, the body movement creates friction between our clothing and skin which irritates it over time. Dependant on how intense the chafing is and for how long, if no anti-chafing product is applied it’s highly likely the runner will end up with irritated, red, and raw skin. Ouch.

This anti-chafing balm will offer long lasting protection against painful skin rubbing. Speaking from personal experience, I wished I had one of these balms after my first marathon because my nipples had never stung so much before in my entire life. Seriously!

Your loved one will appreciate this gift massively as it will save them from the painful stinging sensation of chafed skin after a long run or race. Give your loved one the gift of anti-chafing balm this Christmas!

5. Running Gloves

During colder months, running gloves are a must have bit of kit for runners braving the lower temperatures. This pair of running gloves are made from a fast-drying breathable material, a handy grip, and a flashy reflective strip to keep your loved one seen on darker runs.

The stretchy cuffs keep heat locked inside, the anti-slip material keeps items (like phones) securely gripped and the warm fleece lining will bring your loved one softness and comfort on the run.

Despite being a low-cost gift, these running gloves will have a high value for your loved one.

6. Running belt

For runners who want a lightweight, comfy and stylish way of carrying their essentials, a running belt is the perfect Christmas gift.

These handy running belts are a convenient way to store essentials during a run. Keys, money, energy gels, race papers and even smartphones can fit in this running belt, which will make life much easier for your loved one.

Not only does this belt have multiple pockets of varying sizes, not only does it have an opening for headphone cords, not only is it water resistant, it’s incredibly inexpensive which makes it a great Xmas present that won’t break the bank.

7. Running Backpack

Ideal for loved ones who love long distance running, a running backpack is a great piece of gear for holding essentials for longer distances. Water, a smartphone, energy gels, snacks, race information, keys, wallets and purses and portable batteries can all be held in this running backpack.

This 10L backpack is made from water and tear resistant nylon fabric which makes it long lasting and durable. The adjustable shoulder pads are reinforced with a comfortable cushioning to make it a nice backpack to wear whilst clocking up the miles. It also features a reflective strip design to ensure your loved one can be seen in darker environments.

It can also be used for hiking, cycling, work, and general daily use.

8. LED Glowing Armband Set of 4

Despite this blog being called Runners First, I always say its safety first and runners second. LED flashing armbands should be a piece of every runner’s kit as they are an easy way to make them visible and keep them safe during early morning or late-night hours of running.

These armbands can be quickly chucked on to ensure your loved one can be seen in the dark when they’re pounding the pavement. This set of four LED flashing armbands come with multiple modes such as quick flash, slow flash, and continuous lighting, to suit a range of different lighting needs and environments.

Each armband comes with two batteries and last approximately 60-80 hours dependant on use. A low cost but high value gift for a running loved one this Christmas.

9. Long Sleeved Compression Running T-shirt

People talk about dreaming of a white Christmas for a reason; it’s usually freezing cold during the festive time of year. Whilst short sleeved tees and vests work well for summer running, they won’t protect runners from the winter chill during the jolly season.

Long sleeved compression t-shirts are a must during the winter season to keep runners sufficiently protected from the cold.

They’re made from a stretchy elastic fibre so are free moving and flexible, they’re made from a sweat wicking polyester, and they’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

The long-sleeved t-shirts come in a range of colours to match style preferences and are cheap for such a high-value gift.

10. Sports Headphones

Wireless sports headphones are an excellent accessory to make a runner’s workouts more enjoyable.

These wireless headphones feature upgraded blue tooth technology which can easily be paired to devices, feature deep bass stereo sound technology, have a handy play/pause button and volume adjustment button.

Uniquely built for sporting activities like running, the headphones are designed like hooks that sit over the ears. The soft and flexible secure-fit ear hooks aim to fit fully into the ear without the risk of them falling out during a run.

They also come with a charging case, handy for storing the headphones between runs and during transport.

The Motast headphones are a superb value for money gift for your running loved one this Christmas.

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