5 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Podcasts While Running

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Ever since I combined my running with listening to podcasts, my life changed for the better. In this article, we’ll explore five reasons you should incorporate podcasts into your running routine.

What are podcasts?

A podcast is a series of audio files surrounding a particular topic and shared to a general audience on a subscription basis.

Podcasts can be accessed for free via different apps and websites including Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, Android Podcasts and Amazon, just to name a few.

There are podcasts in literally anything you can think of. Cooking, finance, dating, business, personal development, music, law, language learning, quantum physics, arts. The list goes on.

Whatever your information craving in the world happens to be, there will be a podcast out there to satisfy your mental taste buds.

Woman running with earphones in.

What headphones should you use whilst running? 

If you want some headphones for running but aren’t sure which ones will work for you, check out the post ‘11 Best Headphones For Running‘ for some recommendations.

Why should you listen to podcasts while running?

1. Podcasts are an excellent source for learning

‘Once you stop learning, you start dying.’ – Albert Einstein

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught.

Many of the daily task you complete effortlessly such as driving your car to work, delivering an excellent work project, and cooking a tasty meal, are all the result of a learning experience.

Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you do, learning is a crucial and constant part of our daily lives. Learning allows us to do challenging things and take on impressive feats. Learning allows us to become more than what we are.

The best benefit of listening to podcasts while running – in my opinion – is that it gives you an opportunity to assimilate new information which is turned into knowledge. Knowledge that you can then use in your everyday life to achieve whatever goal you have.

A personal example of the power of learning through podcasts during running

A massive personal example of podcast learning while running is language learning. I’m learning French. When I first started, I only studied the written language using grammar books and a handful of apps, so I virtually got no listening practice in.

As a result, I could only understand read and write basic French text whereas when it was spoken it sounded like an alien language. I knew I had to do something to improve my listening skills.  That’s when I discovered the Inner French podcast, a free podcast designed for intermediate to advanced French learners to improve oral comprehension skills.

On my daily runs, I started working my way through all the episodes that had been released and I eventually started to understand what was being said. It was incredible. I was able to invest substantial time into my French learning whilst simultaneously reaping the benefits of running.

I’m now eight months into my language learning journey and, thanks to listening to various French language podcasts throughout my runs, I’m able to understand 85% of what is said in French and have full intermediate conversations in the language with not too much trouble! Huge progress.

This is just one example of how you can spend running time listening to podcasts for learning something new. Give it a time and see how your life changes for the better.


2. Podcasts allow you to optimize your time

‘The most precious resource we have is time. ‘ – Steve Jobs

Let’s face it, our time is limited and hugely valuable. It’s only natural that we should be trying to maximize the impact of the time that we are spending in accomplishing our goals. One way to optimize your time while running is to listen to podcasts.

Running can take up a lot of time. Serious runners training for a marathon can clock up to 6-8 hours per week whilst casual runners can spend up to 2 hours per week pounding the pavement.  Why not make the most out of the time spent running by listening to podcasts?

If you run for 2 hours a week and listen to podcasts for three quarters of this time, in a year you will have listened to 3.25 days listening to podcasts and reaping the many benefits this brings.

Make the most of the limited time you have available and listen to podcasts while you run. It will be time well spent.


3. Podcasts Can Take your Mind Off a Hard Run

We’ve all been there. It’s a hot day, each step feels like agony, you’re gasping for breath and there’s still four more miles to go until your run comes to an end. ‘

It’s during these tough runs that we would really benefit from having something to take our mind off the difficulty. Podcasts are an excellent solution.

Instead of fixating on the struggle, pain, and misery of the hard run, shift your focus towards a podcast instead.

Lose yourself in the world of crime stories, learn about classic literature, discover how ancient civilizations established themselves, catch up with the latest football scores, learn about personal finance.

Whatever takes your fancy in the podcast world, put on a good listen and focus on what you’re hearing. Your tough run will be done in no time.


4. Podcasts Can be a Great Means of Inspiration

There are many excellent podcasts that can spark the flame of inspiration. Listening to motivational, aspirational, and inspiring podcasts while you run will not only set you up for whatever challenges you have for the day.

Over time, the inspirational messages in the podcasts will become internalized and you will believe yourself to be capable of more. Over time, you’ll grow as a person and become more.

Why is it important to be inspired?

If there’s one thing I think that we are all lacking in this crazy thing we call life, it’s inspiration.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative and meaningful.

Many of the world greatest books, songs, inventions, and business ideas came from a moment of inspiration. Much of our great work happens when we have the motivation from inspiration to put time and effort into achieving our goals. We’re all capable of greatness, we just need a little inspiration. I think podcasts can help us find that inspiration.

Some examples of great inspirational podcasts I personally love and recommend are as follows:


5. Podcasts Make for Brilliant Entertainment

Think of the last hilarious comedy you saw, or the last romantic novel that had you smiling like an idiot with each page turn.  Ahh, entertainment. Us human beings love being entertained and enjoying ourselves.

Listening to a podcast while running is a fantastic opportunity to be entertained. Why not? You only live once life’s full of challenges. You deserve to treat yourself to some light-hearted entertainment occasionally.

Here’s some examples of entertaining podcasts:

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