9 Occasions When You Should Run

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Running. A universal sports that’s accessible, keeps you fit and can be done virtually anywhere. When should you run, exactly? In this article we’ll look at 9 occasions when you should run. Enjoy and happy running.

1. When your training schedule says

The first one may be the most obvious but it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you have a training plan you should follow it and run whenever the training plan says you should.

A training schedule is a running plan which outlines key activities to be completed at specific times in the lead up to achieving a goal.

For instance, a marathon training plan will outline all of the training sessions that should be completed for a runner over a given time frame who wishes to participate in a marathon. The aim of the training plan will be to condition your body and improve your fitness so you are able to run the desired distance comfortably.

Whether you’re training for a marathon, half-marathon, 10K or 5K, follow the training plan and run whenever it says you should.

2. When you’re feeling down

“Getting more exercise isn’t only good for your waistline. It’s a natural anti-depressant, that leaves you in a great mood.” Auliq Ice

Exercise is the best natural anti-depressant there is. Physical activity releases feel good chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, which are guaranteed to lift your mood.

If you’re down in the dumps don’t stay indoors to watch Netflix whilst binging out on chocolate and fizzy drinks. Get your running shoes on and go for a plod to fight your blues instead. You’ll feel much better after a strenuous workout than after finishing a series of a TV show.

Whenever I’m feeling low, I can always count on a run to cheer me up. Next time you’re feeling blue, try it. Go for a run.

3. When you need a natural pick me up to start the day

Typically, I run first thing in the morning. I find an early morning run is the best natural way to get me fired up for the day ahead. The effects of running before your day begins is like having five cups of coffee without the jittery shakes all that caffeine will give you.

Running first thing gets the blood pumping, fills you with energy and puts you in a positive mood. Running first thing is a natural ‘pick me up’ and puts you in an optimal state to perform at your best.

Running before the days begins means you will be rearing to go, excited to tackle your problems head on with energy and enthusiasm. Unlike most people who roll out of bed after hitting ‘snooze’ constantly, who rock up to work looking like a zombie, getting up early and running means you’re ahead.

Give it a try. Sleep an hour earlier, get up an hour before usual and run before tackling your daily tasks. You’ll be amazed at how positive, energetic and confident you feel afterwards. Running truly is one of the best natural pick me ups going in the mornings.

4. When it’s lovely weather outside

Make the most of those clear skies and go for a run. There’s nothing quite like getting out and about when the sun is shining and there’s a good atmosphere in the air. When it’s lovely weather outside, I personally love running in the country side because nature looks especially beautiful on lovely days. These gorgeous natural views always remind me to make the most of life and to appreciate my surroundings.

Whenever it’s lovely weather outside, go for a run before you have an ice cream. If it’s hot, make sure you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water on your run.

5. When there’s bad weather outside

Nothing makes you feel more alive than running in the pouring rain. Don’t only run when it’s gorgeous weather outside, get out of your comfort zone and make the most of the elements. When you’re drying off after a wet and windy run, you’ll feel much better about having the get up and go to brave the outdoors. Make sure you run in all weathers. Even the bad ones!

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6. When you’re stressed

“The pain of running relieves the pain of living.” – Jacqueline Simon Gunn

For me, running is a massive stress relief. Some people relieve stress with unhealthy habits like eating mountains of junk food or drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I run and would advise anybody else to try running as a form of stress relief too. Aside from the dopamine and serotonin running releases, the activity also provides a much needed uninterrupted break from daily hassles and stresses.

When you run, you have to fully commit. You can’t check social media notifications or email, there’s no one to interrupt you with a question, you can’t be overloaded with things to do. Instead, you’re committed to the moment and temporarily responsibility free.

Having a break from your responsibilities in the form of a run not only relieves stress but it also provides an opportunity for some thinking time. If you run without earphones, you’ll have some peace and quiet to think.

Thinking time is useful and a major stress relief. It allows you to mentally organise future projects, gives you space from all the ‘noise’ of daily life and provides an opportunity to appreciate the natural noises of everyday life.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, go for a run. It truly helps.

7. When you’re on holiday

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to stop running. Pack your running shoes, a few tops and bottoms and get after it whilst you take some time out. Explore the local area, use a treadmill, run with new friends you meet.
I’ve been running on my last few holidays to Berlin, Prague and Lisbon. It was a great way to explore the locations whilst getting my run-in, all in a time-effective manner. A particularly powerful memory is running past the Lisbon coast as the sun was coming up at 6:30 AM. That’s a holiday sight I’ll never forget.
Whether you’re in the Canary Islands, the French Alps or somewhere in America, there’s always an opportunity to run on your holiday.

Make the holiday experience more memorable. Lace-up and get some miles in.

8. When participating in an event

Again, an obvious one but certainly worth a mention.
The fun thing about running is that you can take part in hundreds of different events each year. Half-marathons, marathons, fun runs, mud runs, 10 and 5Ks are all examples of official events which are put on by organisers throughout the year.
If you want to run in an event, get on a search engine and type in ‘races near me’ and choose from the list. You’ll love the experience.

9. As a team-building activity

Tired of scratching your head when trying to think of the next fun team-building activity? Look no further, running is the way forward.

By organising a team run, either as a leisurely jog or by entering in an event, you’ll guarantee a unique team-building experience like no other.
Running as a team-building activity builds trust, develops communication and helps your team develop a bond.
If one team member is struggling, it’s heartwarming to see teammates giving words of encouragement and support to get them moving towards the finish line.

Productivity and morale at work will be improved after the run as a result. You may even find that you make running a regular team-building activity within your organisation. Give it a go.

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