Review: Move Visible LED Armband

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Do you worry about safety when running in the dark early morning or late evening hours? Don’t worry anymore. Equip yourself with the Move Visible LED Armband and move with confidence during your runs. Despite the name of this blog, I always say safety first and runners second.


Stay safe by staying seen when running in dark conditions with this convenient, reliable, and comfortable LED armband by Move Visible. If, by the end of this review, you want to purchase this armband, then good news; Runners First readers can enjoy a 15% discount. To benefit from this discount, enter RFIRST15 at the checkout on the Move Visible website.


The armband comes in a plastic casing supported by a sheet of cardboard. Thanks to it being packaged as flat as possible, it effortlessly fits through letterboxes so there’s no need to worry about missing the delivery.

The front attractively displays the armband, the Move Visible logo, and some images of activities which the accessory can be used for like dog walking, cycling and of course, running.

On the back is a set of simple diagrams and instructions guiding you through everything you need to know including changing the light modes, changing the battery, and fitting the Velcro strap. As the Meerkat says in the advert, ‘simples.’


  • Ultrabright LED armband.
  • Comes with an elasticated Velcro strap.
  • 2 modes: constantly flashing or slow flashing.
  • Batteries included and already installed.
  • Battery life: 70 hours constant, 100 hours flashing.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Ice blue glow colour.


  • The light is incredibly bright and eye catching, keeping the runner safe and seen as intended.
  • The ice blue colour is stylish and attention drawing; you can be sure that the band will keep you looking good during your run.
  • Long battery life: 70 hours using the flashing light mode and 100 hours using the constant light mode.
  • Move Visible offer free 1st class Royal Mail delivery with each purchase, getting the armband to you quicker whilst creating a cost saving.
  • Batteries come included and already fitted within the armband, conveniently allowing you to strap it onto your arm and run. No fiddling around required.


  • The armband is a little pricey compared to others in the market, but you definitely notice a large quality difference between the Move Visible band and those of competitors.
  • The armband currently only comes in blue which doesn’t create much choice for runners who have other colour preferences.

My experience using it

I took the Move Visible LED band out for an early morning 7 miler the day after it arrived. Had it not been for the streetlights, it would have been pitch black.

Standing in the freezing cold, I slid the band onto my arm and fastened the elasticated straps before turning on the constant light mode. The immediate glow of the armband gave me confidence and peace of mind that I could be seen, despite the darkness. I went for my run without the usual worry that I’d be missed by a cyclist or driver in a hurry.

What made me certain that this band increased my visibility was that cars were indicating to turn on virtually empty roads. Usually on my runs, this doesn’t happen, and cars just turn without any sort of warning which normally catches me off guard. However, all the cars indicated even when there were no cars around and I was the only one receiving the benefit. I’m sure that this sudden tendency for cars to indicate, with no other cars around, was because of my high visibility wearing the Move Visible band.


The Move Visible LED armband is the perfect accessory to stay safe and seen in your running life. It’s simple to use, lasts a long time, looks attractive, is made of high-quality material, and performs as expected.

I really liked this item and will continue to benefit from using it during my early morning runs. As with any product that I feature on Runners First, I would highly recommend it to all runners everywhere.


Note: I only review and feature products on Runners First that I have personally tried, like, and would recommend to my own running friends. Therefore, you can be sure that you’re reading reviews for quality and reliable products only.

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