Top 5 Men’s Running Shoes For 2018

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In this article, we’ll drill down the top 5 men’s running shoes for 2018. We’ll explore the top picks, and summarise their unique features, benefits, style and their price, so you can make an informed choice about what shoes are right for you.

At a glance

Number Shoe Price
1 Asics Gel-Nimbus 20 £89.10- £202
2 Brooks Ghost 11 £84-138.17
3 Mizuno Wave Rider 21  £70.54 – £137.90
4 Saucony Liberty ISO  £96.98- £226.80
5 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 £79.18- £169.12


Asics Gel-Nimbus 20

The Gel-Nimbus 20 updates Asics much loved and well-respected favourite amongst the running community. The newly updated gel in the hind-foot reduces impact and makes every single step as smooth as possible, for an enjoyable run. The Gel-Nimbus features brand new FluidFit 2.0 Mesh Upper for breath-ability, and the sensation of the shoe adapting to your feet movement when on the move.

The shoe is lightweight and slick, meaning it is not only high performance but incredibly stylish too. Notable features include an Ortholite insole, an Ortholite x- 40 inner lining, 3M reflectivity, 9 millimetre heel height, and Flyte Foam bottom midsole cushioning  with a SpEVA upper layer making for comfortable wearing.

Asics are known for their generous cushioning and thick heels which make them ideal for anyone with aches and pains, or who is prone to experiencing them.

Order half a size higher:  The Gel-Nimbus 20 is slick and streamlined, meaning you will need to get a slightly larger size than normal. Asics running shoe experts recommend going for half a size larger than what you are, for a comfortable fit.

Weight and Heel Drop: The shoe weights 315 grams, with a heel drop of 10mm.

About the brand

Japanese brand Asics have been designing quality, stylish running footwear since 1949. Founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, started out in the basketball shoe game but then expanded the range over the decades to focus more on running, tennis and other sports.
Their slogan is “sound mind, sound body.”


I do a lot of running and this is always my first choice, it fits my feet perfectly and made my running more enjoyable.”

Asics back on form with this model, suits my running style perfectly.”

A great shoe. The nimbus gives such a great support. If you have any aches and pains. The nimbus stops them.”

Price: £89.10- £202


Brooks Ghost 11

The Brooks Ghost 11 is the most recent version for Brooks’ reputable ‘Ghost’ line. The mesh has been totally redesigned to stretch and adapt to the shape of your foot, so it’s both secure and comfortable.

The shoe features a midsole drop of 12 mm, for decent heel positioning (particularly handy on downhill descents). The midsole consists of Brooks’ iconic BioMoGo DNA which combines with DNA Loft Cushioning, for a light and soft fit.

No matter what running style you have, the Brooks Ghost 11’s segmented crash pad – an integrated system of shock absorbers – will absorb the impact of any ground contact, regardless of where your foot hits the floor. The Ghost 11 makes for a smooth, soft, comfortable and stylish run.

Weight and Heel Drop: The shoe weights 284 grams, with a heel drop of 12.7mm.

About the brand

American company Brooks was founded in 1914 and have caused a stir in the running shoe world ever since. Their motto is “Run Happy.”

Brooks has lead technological advance in running shoes, with their first model, the Villanova, featuring EVA foam. The EVA foam stood out in the market because it was light, soft, cheaper and lead to a more pleasant running experience (think running on soft grass compared to running on hard mud). As a result, most modern shoes today feature EVA foam, proving Brooks are forward thinking market leaders in the running shoe game.


Absolutely love these, considering buying another pair right away for when these dies!!”

I am on my third pair of the Ghost model and it is another great shoe! Very comfortable but not overly soft. Just the right amount of support.

I’m just now getting back into running after dealing with painful Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. I’m overweight and getting back into it very slowly but these shoes are wonderful.  They’re super comfortable though and have helped me ease back into running.”

Price: £84-138.17

Mizuno Wave Rider 21

The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is the exciting, most recent instalment in the Wave Rider series. It features Mizuno’s iconic wave technology, where a slick metal plate is placed inside the sole of the shoe to absorb and evenly disperse any shock encountered rather than one part of your foot taking all the beating. The rider 21 has a nice soft step in feel, with a responsive ride which is especially great for faster runs.

With its breathable Air Mesh Upper, and the Mizuno inter-cool system which ventilates the shoe and reduces heat and humidity, and a new anatomical sock liner for additional cushioning, the Wave Rider 21 is a shoe all about comfort and performance.

Weight and Heel Drop: The shoe weights 274g with a heel drop of 9mm.

About the brand

Founded in 1906, Mizuno is a Japanese sportswear company well known for their attention to detail, innovation and style when it comes to running shoes. Mizuno shoes have a signature Wave Plate running directly throw the midsole. It gets its name from looking like ocean waves.

The innovative design absorbs impact and spreads it across the Wave Plate, promoting stability and reducing stress on the legs. a stable and stress-free experience for the runner. Their slogan is “Never Settle.”


Excellent as expected perfect trainers for all level of runners or anyone who is looking for a exceptional good looking pair of trainers.”

Good balance between light weight and cushioning. Comfortable fit – was able to race in them straight away. Will buy another pair.”

After reading loads of great reviews, I decided to give these a go. I did park run in them the other day and got my best time. I was getting ankle pain in my old shoes, and by getting new ones I wasn’t sure if it was going to go. It did and my body felt great afterwards.”

Price: £70.54 – £137.90

Saucony Liberty ISO


The Liberty ISO is incredibly responsive and supportive and is built to provide runners with versatility. It’s suitable for long distance training runs, quick 5Ks, or light jogging for general fitness. It features a full-length ‘EVERUN run midsole, for extra cushioning which is both flexible and durable, for a livelier more responsive run.

The Liberty ISO comes with a soft, thin, adaptable mesh upper, which comfortably moulds to whatever position your foot travels.

Weight and Heel Drop: The shoe weights 275g and has a heel drop of 4mm.

About the brand

Saucony is an American manufacturer of athletic shoes, including road, trail, track, and walking shoes. They’re well known for utilizing existing technology, and even inventing their own (such as the EVERUN midsole), to make sure each shoe is fit for purpose.

The company was born in 1898 when four young businessmen opened the Saucony Shoe Manufacturing Company in Pennsylvania. Over the years, the company’s popularity has snowballed and become a household name amongst the global running community.


I decided to try to Liberty ISO and I need some support and hoped they would provide enough. I tried them out as soon as they arrived. The ISO fit is fantastic – really moves with your foot allow unrestricted flex. Very light yet seem to be able to support fine.”

I´ve been running in Saucony shoes for more than 10 years and these shoes are so far the best. The feeling is so great, and the shoes feels a lot lighter than “the official weight”. It´s responsive and has a perfect fit.”

I’ve owned quite a few Saucony running shoes from the Triumph to the Freedom and I have to say the Liberty will be my go to shoe every time. The full length Everun midsole is the real deal. Just enough stability for long runs and has the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness.”

Price:  £96.98- £226.80

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35



Nike have been producing the Pegasus shoe since 1983, being arguably Nike’s most popular running shoe ever. The company got input from professional athletes, like Olympic champion Mo Farah, in designing this model.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is ideal for runners of all levels. It’s incredibly comfortable with a breathable mesh upper with an out-turned collar for Achilles comfort. It’s an air zoom shoe after all, so it’s equipped with a full-length air zoom unit at the bottom of the shoe which is kept between the premium cushion foam, for maximum comfort and responsiveness.

Duralon encases the forefoot of the shoe so there’s extra protection and a soft grip. The outsole is made of rubber with tiny air pockets, so your ride feels free and loose.

About the brand
According to Forbes, Nike is the most valuable sportswear brand in the world with an unbelievable 38% share of branded footwear being sold globally. That’s a lot of shoes.

Nike’s success could be influenced by their powerful mission statement: “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Powerful words, from a powerful brand.

Weight and Heel Drop: The shoe weighs 285 grams, and has a heel drop of 10 mm.

“Both my boys run competitively and do much of their training in these. They are light, well made and last a good while despite the abuse they get. Probably about the sixth pair I’ve bought.”

“Never been a Nike fan! EVER! But these are brilliant, totally changed my mind about the make, good support where needed as a novice runner.”

“Bought them as replacements for a worn-out pair which gave me great service over many years. Didn’t even consider looking at any other alternatives than Nike/Pegasus, Manufacturer/Style because I fully expect to get the same excellent performance from them.”

Price: £79.18- £169.12


What are the best brands for running shoes?
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