5 Best Ways to Make the Most out of your Run

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How do you make the most out of your run?

Running is a great routine activity to add to your life. The benefits are second to none. Regular running promotes weight loss, improve fitness, increase productivity and promote general wellbeing. Great for when you’ve finished exercising, but what about when you’re physically running?
There are ways to enhance the quality of and make the most of your run. Here are 5 ideas for seasoning your running experience.

1. Listen to Music

Whether you choose your favourite artist, or take the opportunity to discover something new, a few songs will add value to your run.

Listening to music when running provides a constant stimulus, lowers perception of conscious effort, helps you develop a stable rhythm, and positively lifts your mood. Studies even suggest music can improve performance.

While music is good for your runs, take a few steps to ensure your safety.
Set the volume at a comfortable level so you can hear the music but can also distinguish sounds from your environment like a car or person. Stay safe people.

2. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are great for learning something new, being entertained and adding a perspective of critical thought to your runs.

Podcasts are extended audio recordings available online for download or streaming via apps like Spotify, Podcast Addict, iTunes, and SoundCloud. Podcasts are great when running because as they allow topic exploration. In the 21st century, we’re constantly overloaded with short content snippets like Tweets, Instagram Photos and snappy Facebook statuses. It can be difficult to get into the nitty, gritty, fine details of a topic.

Podcasts can cover virtually anything from series, talk shows, educational topics, general discussions, interviews, and many more. We have different interests. Whether it’s fashion, cooking, lifestyle, music, sport, politics, business or technology, there’s a podcast to suit your taste.

3. Have some thinking time

Life is jam-packed. It’s filled with responsibilities, relationships, work commitments and projects, which all take up your time. It’s busy and often, chaotic.
When do you ever get a quiet moment to yourself to just think?

Running provides an ideal time window for you to think about your life, explore your ideas and make some decisions. Running gets blood and oxygen circulating around the body and the brain, meaning your thinking during and after a run is likely to be clearer and more concise.
It’s no secret Charles Dickens would often go on long, physically exerting walks to get ideas flowing, to clearly think through his characters and plots.
Make the most of your run with some thinking time.

4. Strengthen your relationships

Running is a special way of forming and developing tight bonds with those you care about.
Relationships often become tired when people don’t take the time and effort to invest in them. Ever spoken to someone and they seem extremely bored, unfocused and uninterested? Most likely, there was nothing to stimulate, challenge or excite them.
Running can rejuvenate stale relationships and inite new ones.

An activity, like running, means there’s a shared goal between the runners; a destination you will reach together. A powerful metaphor for a strong relationship, being able to overcome challenges and difficulties.
When running with others you can motivate people, speak about life, compete for fun and even enter events together.

Regularly running with others means you have an activity to bond over, creating a platform for conversation and connection.

Sure, conversations are an important way to gain insight into someone’s life and their thoughts, but you can’t rely on conversation alone to build a strong relationship. Ever wondered why you develop tight bonds with work colleagues, band mates, business partners, school friends, and team mates? Because you have an objective to reach together, with joint effort and team work. You help others and rely on others to be your very best.

Run with others and develop strong, healthy relationships.

5. Explore new places



Humans are explorers by nature. Think of Christopher Columbus, Edmund Hilary and Neil Armstrong.
We are driven by an innate curiosity to discover new places, venture into the unknown, and learn what’s out there.

Running can satisfy the need to explore. Take a different path on your route and go somewhere new; head down a local river, venture into a nearby town or village, get lost if you have too.
Some of your best runs will be those where you explore somewhere new.

You could travel somewhere completely different for an adventure. Drive to the seaside, a different city, a nature reserve, park your car and run. You’ll love discovering somewhere new, and you’ll also have great ideas for places to visit when you need a day out.

Make the most out of your runs and explore new places.

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