5 Embarrassing Mistakes We’ve All Made Running

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You and I are sensible, intelligent and on the ball. Right? We’d never make embarrassing mistakes when running… Wrong!

Being hungover, tripping over, running into someone, forgetting a runner’s name, and forgetting to start Strava, are embarrassing mistakes we have all made when running.

Running with a hangover


“I’ll just have one drink tonight, I’m running tomorrow.” Familiar words, I’m sure. We’ve all been there.
A glamorous night of partying comes at the cost of a sore, tired head in the morning. You feel like death and want to sleep for a few days, but you don’t want to miss your run.

You decide to brave it and be the hero. The run must go on. Training starts well. Confidence builds, the pace picks up gradually, and you start to feel okay. A couple of minutes later, you start to feel it.

Dry mouth, dizziness, being out of breath, and just general discomfort. Red buzzers go off in your head, you want to cancel the audition for world’s strongest hungover person, you turn around, and crawl back into bed. It was worth a go, don’t you think?

Tripping over

"Who put that banana peel there?" is a creative excuse for tripping up when running. An embarrassing, and hilarious scenario.
“Who put that banana peel there?” is a creative excuse for tripping up when running. An embarrassing, and hilarious scenario.

We’ve been there many times before. Happily breezing through a 5K not a care in the world with a banging tune on, when the ground shamelessly decides to trip you up.

Control is lost, and you go flying, flailing your arms for dramatic effect. Embarrassed, you coolly look around to make sure nobody was watching. Everybody should be focused on themselves after all…

You decide to play it off casually with a crazy smile painted on your face. “That annoying floor tripping me up!” you think to yourself. “Who put that banana peel there?”or  “The council really need to fix the cracks in these footpaths.” Is another common thought. You’ll usually get creative in your excuses for tripping up!

Forgetting a runner’s name

"Keep talking... I will remember your name any minute now..."
“Keep talking… I will remember your name any minute now…”

Being tongue-tied when speaking to a fellow runner mid-conversation is the easiest way to make things awkward quickly.

You rock up at parkrun or a weekly club run, ready to rumble. Someone you briefly met once before, in panting conversation after a strenuous 5K, strolls over and charmingly speaks to you like you’ve been best friends since you were 5.

The runner casually calls you by your first name, it seems the friendship has blossomed for years. You merrily agree to all that’s said about proper technique and mile 2 of the course, a blank expression plastered on your face. “What’s their name?”

Nobody comes to your rescue. You’re left guessing. Should you say something? Ask what their name is? On one hand you’ll know, on the other hand, it will make things awkward. Fast.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you can get to the starting line, please. The race is about to begin.”
You quickly say your goodbyes to the runner with no name. Until next time…

Running into someone

“Who put that person there?” You think to yourself when issuing an apology to someone you clumsily ran into.
We’ve done this. Knocked into a fellow runner on a narrow path or slammed the breaks in an emergency stop for a random passer-by. An embarrassing exchange of “sorry, I didn’t see you there.” or “apologies, that was my fault.” takes place.

After we’re done apologising and brushing our-self off, we’re left questioning our special awareness.

“Should I go to Specsavers?” You might think. A couple of seconds of contemplation leads to the conclusion “Nah, it’ll be fine. They got in my way anyway!”

Forgetting to press “record” on Strava

If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen."
If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen.”

“Keep going, 100 metres to go!” a crowd member announces. You push extra hard, get over the line, and feel proud. That must be a personal best. No two ways about it! You click you’re running watch to store the precious time forever, when horror occurs. Strava starts recording data.

Turns out you forgot to press record. No data was recorded. Your efforts won’t be admired and respected amongst your social running community. Embarrassing.

As the saying goes “if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen.” Lesson learnt. Press record next time!

It’s okay to make embarrassing mistakes

They’re what make us human after all. No one’s perfect, and embarrassing situations are usually comedy gold!

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