Top 13 Best Running Sunglasses in 2019

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Running sunglasses are a fantastic add-on to your kit. Especially useful during the summer months, these sunglasses are specifically designed for sporting purposes. In this article, we’ll look at the 13 best running sunglasses for 2019 to make choosing your pair much easier.

There are many benefits of running sunglasses

Running sunglasses are usually deemed an optional part of a runner’s kit and most don’t wear shades when on the move.

However, there are some runners who insist on sporting shades whilst they run. These runners don’t just wear them for fun; there are eye-opening (pardon the pun) benefits to wearing sunglasses whilst running.

Whether you use running glasses or not, it’s important to understand the huge advantages they can offer you.

1. Ultraviolet Light Protection

The sun may be pretty, but it's UV rays can be harmful to your eyes. Running sunglasses offer the solution.
The sun may be pretty, but it’s UV rays can be harmful to your eyes. Running sunglasses offer the solution.

UV light is a source of radiation emitted from the sun. You already probably know how strong the sun is. You’ve probably glanced at it for half a second and been blinded by its power.

You don’t want your eyes absorbing too much of that radiation. The risks are developing cataracts, growths on the eye and macular degeneration to name a few. Nasty.

Runners tend to work out in the open, which means more exposure to the sun. As the title suggests, ‘sun’ glasses are designed to block the damaging effects of solar UV light.

“But I never look into the sun when I run.”
You could say “but I never look into the sun when I run”, however, damaging effects can be felt just by being outside in the suns periphery

“It’s never sunny where I live, so I don’t need to wear glasses.” is another response. UV light penetrates through clouds (though not as strong as on a clear day), so you are always at risk even on cloudy and rainy days.

2. Shield your eyes from bugs

At some point in your life, this has probably happened to you. You’ve been running (or walking) along, minding your own business, and happily enjoying yourself.

Suddenly a bug slams into your eyes and you begin blinking quicker than a hungry crocodiles jaws to ease the discomfort.

In the flurry, you are temporarily blinded which could mean falling over, hitting something, losing progress to a personal best in a race. The list goes on!

Additionally, the bugs aren’t the cleanest things to have in your eyes either.
The simple act of wearing sunglasses when you run will eliminate this issue. No more bugs in your eyes, no more frantic blinking, no more discomfort.

Get the sunglasses on to get the bugs away from your eyes.

3. Defence against the elements: rain, dust, and snow


Running glasses will protect you from the rain, snow, and wind. No excuses for a run!
Running glasses will protect you from the rain, snow, and wind. No excuses for a run!

Not going for a run because it’s raining, windy, or snowy is no excuse! We’ve all experienced temporary blinding in the heavy wind which blows dusty in your eyes or heavy rain which pounds anything it can get its hands on.

Without glasses, this is a problem as you won’t be able to see where you’re going, and you risk damaging your eyes. Not smart.

Wearing glasses will protect your eyes from the wrath of the elements, so you can enjoy your run no matter what the weather.

Raining? Wear your running glasses. Snowing? Wear your running glasses. Windy? Wear your running glasses. Problem solved!

4. Looking Stylish

More than just UV protection, weather shielding and bug defence, sunglasses also give you a sense of style, finesse and elegance.

Humans are – for the most part – not logical creatures, and like things that make them look cool and attractive. Even if the product itself isn’t effective! Think of impulse purchasing a reputable brand to find poor or standard performance. A common occurrence. You, I and anybody you know, has an inbuilt desire to look stylish and attractive.

Luckily, running sunglasses are designed to supply effective protection whilst elevating your look and style. A double whammy of running glasses excellence.

There’s a reason Arnold Schwarzenegger wore shades in the Terminator. They made him look fashionable. Though playing a robotic maniac, audiences couldn’t help but watch the film in awe of his coolness.

Whether you wear wraparounds, don tinted lenses, or a retro square design, you can’t go wrong with a stylish pair of running glasses to look cool.

How to choose the right pair of running sunglasses

Okay, now we know running sunglasses are pretty awesome it’s time to pick your first pair! One thing, where do you start?

Don’t worry, nobody knows what things to look out for when choosing their running sunglasses. I certainly didn’t. I did a lot of research both online and by speaking to fellow runners to find out how to pick the right pair.

Important things to be aware of when buying running sunglasses

1.UV protection

The main reason we wear sunglasses is to protect our eyes. The eyes main enemy whilst outside is UV light, mainly coming from the sun. Your top priority is choosing a pair of sunglasses that effectively block out the sun.

Make sure you get glasses with at least 97% of UVA and UVB sun protection, though you’d be safer going for 98% – 100%.

As we’ve already covered, excessive UV light can cause blindness and cataracts which you really don’t need. Being half blind from an injury I sustained as a child, believe me when I say you don’t want to damage your sight.

If, like me, you have sensitive eyes and want guaranteed protection, get wrap around sunglasses. These ensure your eyes are protected from every angle, no matter what direction you’re travelling or which way you are standing.

I’d recommend everyone to get wraparound sunglasses as you can never be too careful with your eyes.

But, I know people have different priorities and some will choose stylish glasses over wrap around safe less stylish glasses. That’s fine, it really is down to you at the end of the day but being aware of the risks is important too.

2. Frame shape

Your second priority should be frame shape. Make sure the glasses fit snugly on your head and that they’re lightweight and comfortable.

The last thing you want is your glasses to be bouncing up and down the ridge of your nose whilst you run. Not only is this distracting, the bouncing sunglasses mean your eyes aren’t fully protected and are at risk of being damaged by UV light and anything else that may harm them.

In general, the more expensive the sunglasses the higher quality their frame shape will be. I’ve been in a race before with a cheap pair of sunglasses and had to constantly readjust them as they kept slipping down the ridge of my nose.

Needless to say, it was a painful experience and by mile 3 I threw them onto a water station table and vowed to invest in a more expensive, quality pair.

I bought a decent pair straight after the race and found the bouncing and slipping problem disappeared. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true.

make sure you choose a pair that fit your head. Different frame types include panoramic, wrap-around, curved wrap, curved temple and total cover frames. All of these fit different head shapes differently so its worth considering this when making a purchase.

Think about what head shape you have (oval, square, round, heart) and consider which sunglasses will be the right fit for you. For example, I have a big round head (thanks Dad) so the best sunglasses for me are wrap-arounds as they fit my head shape. Have a think about which head shape you have and select your glasses accordingly.

3. Lens tints

Your third priority will be the type of lens tint on the glasses. Different tints are suitable for different weather conditions and ensure you can see properly. Let’s take a look at the available tints and each of their unique perks.

Polarized – Polarized tints have special glare-reducing features that standard sunglasses don’t provide.

If you’re vision is reduced from sun glare, you have sensitive eyes or existing poor sight, polarized lenses will be an excellent choice for you.

Polarized lens are my personal favourite because I am all about safety. Despite the name of this blog I always say safety first, runners second.

Dark – Dark tinted glasses are ideal for being out in the summer sun because they mute brightness, but maintain clarity and strong contrasts.

They are dark enough to provide protection from glare but still light enough to ensue your vision is not impaired.

I would personally always go for polarised lenses these offer the best protection but dark tinted lenses look stylish and do almost as good a job. It’s your call!

Mirror – One of my favourite lenses to run in, these have a protective mirror coating that reflects sunlight. I personally think they look really cool and can up your style on race day or during training.

The reflective material make these lenses the equivalent of wearing two small mirrors. Vision whilst wearing these will typically be a brown or grey tint.

4. Weight

What weight would you be comfortable with on your face whilst you run? A strange but necessary question we need to ask. Though practically all sports glasses are lightweight by design but some are lighter than others, so the lighter you can go the better.

What we are trying to do is eliminate the sensation of even wearing glasses in the first place so you can relax and focus on running. My glasses are high quality and because they fit so snugly and are so lightweight, I always forget I am even wearing them!

Making sure your glasses fit snugly and securely will make your glasses feel ultra-lightweight, so make sure you choose suitably fitting glasses for a light-weight sensation.

5. Scratch resistance

If you drop your glasses, clean them with a rough paper towel or even run into something whilst wearing them, there’s a huge chance they will become scratched. Not ideal. You’ll be happy to know, there is a solution!

It’s important to note that no sunglasses can ever be deemed fully scratch proof, lots are scratch resistant. Glasses that are treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating have a much harder surface and are more resistant to scratching.

If you want to protect your running glasses from being scratched, check for scratch resistance when making a purchase.

6. Interchangeable lenses

Running sunglasses with an interchangeable lens capability means you can wear whichever lens you want to wear, whenever you want! This feature is particularly cool if you live in a country with constantly changing weather conditions.

I live in the UK, so my weather conditions are constantly changing which makes having interchangeable lens a god send! It doesn’t matter what the conditions are like outside, I can change my lenses to suit the situation.

7. Anti-fogging

These lenses have an anti-fog coating which prevent water droplets condensing on the surfaces of the lenses. This means you don’t have to worry about impaired visibility when the lenses are significantly cooler than the surrounding air temperature. These are a nice add-on feature not not essential.

8. Carry case

Having a means of storing and transporting your sunglasses is important. A good carry case can protect your glasses whilst on the move and prevent the likelihood of them being damaged.

All my running friends who wear sunglasses agree that having a decent carry case is crucial for making them last as long as possible.

The best 13 running sunglasses reviewed

Now we know what the benefits of running sunglasses are and how to pick a decent pair, let’s look at some of the best glasses out there. Keep reading for the best 13 running sunglasses of 2019.

1. Duduma Polarised Glasses 

The Duduma polarised sunglasses are an excellent value for money buy.

These top-end sunglasses offer exceptional lens and frame quality, making them both durable and flexible to the needs of your head.

They feature TAC polarized lenses with 100% UV400 protection coating, effectively blocking harmful UVA & UVB rays, protecting the eyes nicely. The special ‘TAC’ lenses contains 7 layers which are a Polaroid layer, adhesive layers for durability, layers for UV protection and shatterproof layers. The technology within these lenses is truly remarkable.

They feature a full rimmed design which wraps nicely around your face for maximum comfort. The glasses feature a poly-carbonate frame which is stress-resistant, so you should get a good amount of use out of them.

Overall, these glasses are superb and I would highly recommend them.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Fabulous. Really pleased with this item. Super comfortable to wear, no annoying or rubbing. Have noticed these cut all glare Highly recommend for comfort and anti glare.’

Very light and comfortable. Good clear view and polarisation.’

Check availability on Amazon 

2. Zillerate Sports Polarised Sunglasses

Zilerate is a small family run business based in Oxfordshire, UK. Their mission is to create stylish, durable products that enhance the outdoor experience. They’ve achieved just that with these nice looking sunglasses which are excellent for running.

Made of an aluminium magnesium frame, the glasses are lightweight, robust, anti-scratch and impact resistant. You can rest assured that these glasses will stand the test of time and you will get great use out of them.

The polarised HD vision lenses offer exceptional UVA & UVB protection and effectively dazzle sunglare when out and about. Excellent during bright summer runs.

These glasses comfortably sit on your face and won’t slip off, steam up or break, as the metal frames have spring loaded hinges and rubber padded arms to adjust to your head size. Knowing this gives great comfort whilst running as you won’t have to worry about your glasses slipping off.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Stylish, comfortable & value for money.

These sunglasses are a great find. They fit securely, covering the whole eye area, allowing uninterrupted forward and sideways vision, cutting out glare. They are extremely light, yet strong and reliable.

3. Essence Polarised Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses 

These super essence sunglasses are excellent value for money and come with 5 interchangeable lenses for different situations. Clear lenses are best for running at night whilst the blue and yellow are perfect for boosting contrast in poor sunlight, the darker lens help block out unwanted light.

The TAC lenses are made from multiple layers which ensure durability, make them shatterproof and excellent UVA & UVB ray protection. All lenses will resist bending, cutting, baking in harsh environments.

The glasses are extremely light but at the same time incredibly strong and durable. They also come with wipes and a handy carry case for safe storage and transportation.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Comfortable and durable. Wearing these is like being in a different world. it cuts so much UV light out it feels like your eyes are relaxing fully for the first time. Great for outdoor and sports use. stay on your face well when running around etc.’

Excellent for the value. Fantastic quality, very comfortable and well worth what I paid.’

4. VeloChampion Warp Hybrid Sports Sunglasses 

These sleek sunglasses feature a smart swapping system allowing you to change between yellow, black and white lenses for different conditions.

Featuring a free-point ‘Gelgrip’, the glasses are held into place in precise optical alignment even when you sweat. Brilliant if you sweat a lot during exercise.

The frame is ultra lightweight and built out of a stress-resistant material to ensure it doesn’t break under heavy wear and tear. The smoked black lens are the best for UVA & UVB light protection, so be sure to wear these on bright sunny days.

Though the black colour is my favourite, you can get the frame in a variety of colours including florescent yellow, green, red, pink and silver.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Incredible value for these fantastic, non-scratch glasses.

High quality at a brilliant price. They are absolutely fabulous! Good vision. The shape of the glasses fit comfortably on the nose & across the cheekbones whilst giving good wraparound protection. Glad I bought 2 pairs, especially at this price.’

5. Duco Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

These brilliant value for money sunglasses feature a highly durable poly-carbonate frame for long term use.

It features 5 interchangeable lens which offer 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes safe during your run. The main grey lens is polarised against strong sunlight with the other 4 lenses being suitable for different environmental conditions.

These Duco glasses are super lightweight so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them when you’re hitting the pavement. Depending on personal preference, you can buy the frame in red, black, blue, silver or white.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Great sunglasses with a stylish frame. Lots of different special lenses.’

Great value for money. The polarisation is good, they don’t steam up, they are comfortable and come with a sturdy carry case.’

6.  Tsafrer Unisex Polarised Sports Sunglasses 

These fantastic glasses come with 6 interchangeable lenses, with the dark grey and blue coated lenses being polarised for great UV protection. The glasses effectively eliminate glare, reduce eye fatigue and keeps your vision clear for your best running performance.

The TR90 frame is made from high quality light-weight materials which make it lightweight, anti-shock,durable, scratch resistant and flexible. They are also very visually appealing with a slick design.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Very cool attractive-looking classes. The glasses are lightweight, I am not at all disappointed.

Five stars. Great price for good quality, I recommend!

7. TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

Here’s a slick option for runners who all about style whilst on the go. These visually attractive glasses clear, super lightweight, stylish and durable, making them an all round excellent option for runners.

Coming with five interchangeable lens, all of which feature a 100% UV400 protective coating, you will have a lens for every running occasion.

The lenses are also flexible, resistant to shock and shattering, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking them when positioning the glasses onto your head.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Great pair of glasses. Good all round vision- super lightweight and great clear. They fit extremely well( I was bit of surprised). Light weight and very comfortable.

These glasses are great and come with a set of 5 different coloured lenses for use in all sorts of lighting conditions. ideal for cycling and running where I need different shades for day time and nighttime riding. Complete with a nice case this is a great pair of sports glasses.

8. Verdster TourDePro Polarised Sunglasses

These glasses have some nice features like a soft foam-padded frame, polarised ray-blocker lenses and a comfortable wrap-around fit.

The lenses are polarised and offer excellent UV protection (99%), they allow for reduced eyestrain for running on bright days and they look incredibly stylish too.

What makes these glasses cool is the bonus pack full of accessories you get too including a soft carry pouch, a carabiner clip, cleaning cloth and a hard case. Great value for money in my book!

The retailer is so confident with these sunglasses, they say ‘cool sunglasses that impress you or your money back.’

Check out some customer reviews: 

Don’t hesitate, these are the ones you need. amazing, the lens wrapped around my eyes and with the soft foam edges kept all the wind out of my eyes. They have UV protection and polarized lenses, a double bonus. Strong and sturdy frames which should last many years wear. Complete with zip case and soft sleeve, the packaging, in a handsome box, would make a wonderful gift, especially for yourself.’

These sunglasses are one of the most comfortable options due to the foam padding around the frame.’

9. Professional Sports RayZor Sunglasses 

These glasses offer excellent UVA & UVB protection, so you can be safe in the knowledge your eyes are safe whilst running. The glasses are anti glare, protecting the most sensitive of eyes from particularly intense UV light during bright sunny days.

The frame is ultra-lightweight and and the lens are flexible & scratch resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about damaging them if they are knocked during transport or use.

These versatile glasses can be used for a variety of sports other than running including biking, skiing, surfing, fishing, golfing and you can even use them whilst driving.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Absolutely perfect! They are lightweight & comfortable to wear. They do not slip down my face at all and keep water out of my eyes when it’s raining. They also look great, the blue shade of lens is lovely.

Great price, good quality. They are definitely “snug” but not to the point of being uncomfortable. In fact, they feel very secure. The nose piece is comfortable and holds onto my nose well. These glasses are not going to be constantly sliding down. The yellow lens is great. It makes such a difference when outdoors. It relaxes the eyes and improves vision when dusk is approaching.

10. X- Loop Polarised Sports Sunglasses 

Here are a fantastic value for money pair of sunglasses which will serve you well whilst running. Featuring polarised lenses, the glasses offer full UVA & UVB light protection meaning your eyes will be protected during your run.

The lenses are shatter proof and made from a high quality poly-carbonate material which is flexible, durable and wear resistant.

Depending on personal preference, you can get them in black, blue. red or a special ‘deluxe’ colour.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Fantastic, would definitely recommend. They are a lovely wrap around shape and fit.’

Five stars. Very pleased with the purchase. Comfortable to wear and stay on, good value. Thank you.’

11. ATTCL Sports Polarised Sunglasses

These sunglasses are definitely one of the most visually attractive pair on this list. Ergonomically designed, these glasses comfortably adjust to your head shape and allow for easy use for running.

The polarised lenses offer 100% UVA & UVB protection, reduced glare and allow you to keep a high definition view of your surroundings. Made from highly stress-resistant materials, these glasses are designed with long-term use in mind.

You can get the glasses in black, red, blue, white or grey.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Comfortable and lightweight. Great pair of sunglasses. Comfortable fit right out of the case which is rigid and durable. The polarisation is great.’

Nice sunglasses. The polarising effect on them is fantastic and they come with a nice heavy duty case.’

12. Duco Polarised Sports Sunglasses 

These cool sunglasses are a sleek addition to any runners accessory arsenal. These polarised sunglasses have a falter that reduces glare rom reflecting surfaces (water, snow, road pavement) which interfere with vision.

They provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, have an easily adjustable nose pad and come in a stylish frame.

Convenient for runners who need to drive to races, they come with a case, a cleaning cloth and a fabric pouch for ease of transportation.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Well worth the money. Excellent sun glasses. Seem really well made, sturdy but light. Do what they are supposed to do, cut glare without being overly dark. Wrap around style works well.’

Excellent glasses. Absolutely fantastic glasses. They fit perfectly, they come with a hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth, a hook to attach the hard case to something and a double screwdriver which enables you to adjust the nose section, so that they fit whatever size nose you have.’

13. Ladgecom Sports Sunglasses

These Ladgecom glasses are incredibly stylish, flexible and are super lightweight, so they will feel extra comfortable whilst you run. The lenses offer 100% UVA & UVB light protection, giving you peace of mind your eyes will be safe.

The set comes with 4 lenses which include a smoke lens for sunny days, yellow for night runs, blue for bright days and clear for cloudy conditions or indoor running.

You also get a zip up hard shell case, and micro-fiber cloth for easy cleaning either on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

Check out some customer reviews: 

Light effective running sunglasses. Needed a pair of glasses to wear whilst running as normal sunglasses are too heavy. These are great as really light and do not sweat up as normal glasses do. Really nice case and like the fact I can change lenses even though probably will only use the dark ones. Have worn these in two runs now and will be wearing during a race in a few days time.’

Great glasses comfortable and stylish with the added bonus of both hard and soft cases and 4 sets of lenses to choose from which are easy to change would highly recommend this product.’

The top 13 best running sunglasses in 2019 conclusion

Running is an incredible way to keep fit whilst getting outside and enjoying the some sun. A true win-win! As great as outside running there are some risks and running sunglasses will help protect you against these.

They protect against prolonged sun exposure, stop bugs flying into your eyes and protect against adverse weather conditions like rain and snow.

Your running life becomes much better when you have a great pair of sunglasses to protect you and enhance your style. Pick the best pair for you, put them on and go enjoy your run.

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