10 Great Running Jackets For Women

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Running is all about consistency. It doesn’t matter where runners are, the time of day, or what the weather is, successful runners understand the importance of consistency. Consistency can be achieved by having a decent running jacket to hand.

Why do you need to use a running jacket?

Unless you’re an inside runner, on the track or a treadmill, you’re going to be outside most of the time. Being exposed to the elements means sooner or later you’ll come across adverse weather like rain, wind, the cold, and even snow.

Runners don’t have to stop just because of bad weather. Wearing proper clothing, like a decent running jacket, can protect you against the environment and let you get on with your run.

Running jackets are a fundamental part of a runner’s kit, and there’s a tonne of them available on the market. In this article, we make it easier for you and narrow down the top running jackets, so you know you’ll be getting the very best for your runs.

What criteria is important for a good running jacket?

  • Weatherproof
    Without a doubt one of the most important features for a running jacket, protection from a range of weathers is crucial. Whether you’re in the rain, wind, snow, the cold, or even hailstones, you want to have a jacket which will protect you.
  • Waterproof/ Water resistance
    There’s a difference between water-proof and water-resistant running jackets. A waterproof jacket will keep the layers of clothing under your jacket, and your skin, protected and dry from the rain.Though waterproof is ideal, it limits breathability because of the common polyurethane or GORE-TEX components inside the fabric. On the other hand, water resistant jackets only offer limited protection against moisture and cannot protect for that long.If you’re really not up for getting wet, re-considering getting a water-resistant jacket and make sure you get a waterproof jacket. It’s always worth checking what you’re getting.
  • Windproof/ Wind resistance
    Wind can be a huge problem for runners, which is why it’s worth getting a decent running jacket with wind protection in mind.Not only does wind slow you down whilst running, but it also contributes to higher Windchill which can make you feel colder.Being too cold, whilst running, is a risk to your health so make sure you invest in and wear a good jacket when there are strong winds and cold weather.A wind resistant jacket won’t offer as much protection as their windproof counterparts but will be more compact and easier to travel with. Windproof jackets, however, are great protection against the wind, keep you insulated, yet they are more difficult to travel with due to their bulky design (which makes them windproof).
  • Breathability
    When we speak about something having high ‘breathability’, it refers to the amount of air that can pass through a runners clothing to help regulate a healthy temperature.Running is hard work and its sweaty business. Being a high-intensity aerobic activity, there’s going to be a lot of moisture coming from your skin, so breathable clothing is a must.Having a breathable jacket means sweat can evaporate out of it whilst you run, so you can stay cool and not get sticky from sweat.If you don’t run in breathable clothing, like a running jacket, and opt for a traditional coat there’s a good chance it will result in overheating. When this happens, you not only feel hot but might develop skin rashes too.
  • Style
    Whilst it’s important to make sure science is built into your jacket (waterproof, wind-resistance, breathability etc.), it’s equally important to have some style. Humans like to look good wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Whether we’re out for a family meal, a night out, at work, even just chilling at home, we like to dress stylishly. That’s why running jackets (including the ones on this list) are designed with style in mind.
  • Reflective features
    Though running is an incredibly enjoyable sport, staying safe is a priority. The manufacturers of running jackets know this and bare it in mind when they design and make their garments. Most running jackets are built with reflective features, which make them illuminate and reflect light. Wearing reflective clothing means you can be clearly seen when running in the dark, by traffic, and anyone who might stray into your path.
  • Temperature
    It’s very rare you’ll see running jackets in the summer, and for good reason. The primary reason runners wear them is to keep out the cold and keep them warm during the winter months. There’s nothing more satisfying than going for a run on a beautiful, crisp winter’s morning. Wearing a decent jacket means this is possible, and you’ll be warm and comfortable throughout your run.

Without further ado, here’s 10 great running jackets for women

1. Asics Packable Jacket

Fantastic value for money, this Asics jacket is a fantastic option for runners. It feels lightweight to run in, is super breathable which doesn’t hold you back, and has an easy to use front zip. On the Packable Asics jacket, there’s a handy chest pocket which you can store valuables in.

As the name suggests, this is a packable item and is great for stashing away in a carrier bag. Whether you’re going to another area of your country, or even venturing abroad, taking this jacket with you is super convenient.

The jacket is water repellant, keeps you warm and has 360 reflectivity material to keep you safe during darker runs. Why not give the Asics Packable Jacket a try?

2. Brooks LSD Jacket

This is a super-lightweight jacket which feels great to wear, and achieves a unique style. The Brooks LSD jacket is water-resistant and offers protection against light rain to keep you dry.

It’s windproof which will block out nasty draughts to keep you at optimal temperature, and fully reflective which will help you be seen by oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The full-zip design allows the runner to adjust coverage until it’s just right for them, and the jacket features tones of breathable micro vents.

The LSD jacket is portable and can be wrapped up and placed in a bag, perfect for when you’re on the go. Countless women runners use the Brooks LSD, for good reason. It’s an affordable yet effective running jacket.

3. Puma Women’s Packable Woven Jacket

This jacket immediately captures attention because it is highly stylish. Don’t be fooled by it’s classy looks, it’s also an incredibly effective running jacket.

The material is highly breathable, durable, and offers protection against chilly winds. The Packable Puma Jacket protects runners from the cold, allowing you to maintain optimal body temperature during your run. The jacket features 360 degrees of reflective material, meaning you will be easier to see, and you’ll be safer.

Featuring a packable hooded running jacket, an eye catching design and an adjustable zip, this is a jacket all about style. Wear it how you see fit.

4. Ronhill Vizion Rainfall Jacket

Perfect for runners contending with the elements, here’s a jacket designed for a variety of situations. It’s fully waterproof, has taped seams, shaped arms, and water-resistant zips. If that wasn’t enough, it’s highly resistant to the wind and keeps you comfortably insulated during nasty draughts.

Despite all this, it’s light and breathable and has a nice peaked hood which gives your head protection from rain and wind.

Made from aqua lite fabric, the material is highly breathable and allows for sweat to evaporate to stop over heating during your run. The Ronhill Vizion offers a tight fit, but not too snug so it doesn’t restrict movement.

There’s enough room to fit a running belt with water bottles underneath too, for long distance runners. Overall, this is an all-round fantastic jacket for runners in a variety of situations, particularly rain, snow and sleet. Give it a try.

5. Karrimor Zip Jacket

A coat to make you stand out from the crowd, the Karrimor Zip Jacket offers a classic look for runners. It features full zip for ease of wear, two zipped pockets for valuables and essentials, and reflective detailing to keep you seen and safe. It’s made from polyester which allows you to move freely, without any resistance from the jacket.

Though this is a particularly good all-rounder jacket, for a variety of situations, it’s very good in the cold and keeps out wind effectively. For that classic Karrimor runner look, try this brilliant zipped jacket.

6. Mountain Warehouse Dashing Reflective Jacket

A fine offering from Mountain Warehouse, this water-resistant jacket is lightweight, highly breathable, and features multiple pockets. It has 360-degree high visibility, glowing when exposed to light, to keep you safe in the dark.

Despite the low price, it’s a quality jacket which will keep you warm, dry and well ventilated during the colder months.  According to the reviews, it’s better to go a size up with this coat when purchasing, to get a comfortable and adjustable fit. The design is eye catching and slick, making it a stylish addition to any runner’s wardrobe.

7. Trespass Lumi Active Jacket

For those worried about running in wind or rain, look no longer. This could be the jacket for you. It’s designed to be fully water resistant and windproof, meaning you’ll stay dry and protected from aggressive gusts on route. Perfect for a windy day or braving some rain.

The fully reflective fabric means you’ll reflect light from ages away, meaning you’ll be seen in your fashionable jacket. The 2 zip pockets at the bottom of the jacket are convenient for storing gels, a phone, a wallet, and anything else you need to run with.

The tricot chin guard, elasticated binding at the collar cuffs and hem, and zip, are fully adjustable meaning you can customise coat coverage until you see fit.

The mesh panels under the arms, and vents on the back, allow air to flow through keeping you comfortable and sweat free when on the move. Look cool, stay dry and warm, and be seen, in the Trespass Lumi Active running jacket.

8. Altura Night Vision EVO 360 Waterproof Jacket

Here’s a jacket with a powerful and compelling name, which reveals a lot about its features. Altura Night Vision technology offers enhanced retro-reflectivity, with 360 degrees of reflectivity. Perfect for being seen in the dark by traffic and pedestrians.

The Altura Jacket features EVO fabric technology, engineered to protect against wind and water whilst offering enhanced breathability, in a soft touch two-layer fabric. In other words, it’s comfier than your favourite dressing gown and has the effectiveness of a high-tech weather-proof coat.

The Nightvision EVO 360 features a thermo-suede inner collar to keep you comfortable and warm, ideal for when it’s cold and you’re waiting to get going. Lots of runners comment on the gorgeous style of the jacket, praising the range of colours available and the artistic design. Stay dry, stay seen and stay warm with this fantastic running jacket.

9. Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket

A fantastic jacket for running, the Zeagoo Windbreaker is a popular choice for runners. It’s thin, easy to carry around, and allows you to move freely, without any interruption.

The Spandex and Polyester materials make the jacket extra comfy. keeping runners warm whilst being breathable enough to let sweat evaporate so over heating isn’t possible. Whilst the jacket offers protection against the elements, it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. Therefore, it can deal with light rain but not heavy rain, so please bear this in mind.

The colours are elegant and attractive, allowing runners to maintain a sense of style whilst working out, and the quality is hard-wearing. It’s a durable jacket, suitable for many occasions. Best of all, it comes at an incredibly generous and affordable price. Why not check the current price today?

10. Under Armour UA International Jacket

This stylish jacket sits effortlessly on you whilst you run, letting you get on with what you do best. Running. The Under-Amour UA International jacket is designed with comfort in mind. It’s highly lightweight, durable, and stretches to your movements, allowing full mobility.

Its woven fabric delivers maximum breathability which keeps you dry from sweat, whilst keeping the cold out too. The inner mesh lining is highly breathable, and it comes with a full zip for adjustment and customisation.

It’s resistant against wind and water, allowing you to run in a range of weather conditions. Try it and enjoy running in it.


Thank you for reading, I hope this helped
There we have it, 10 fantastic running jackets for women. I became interested in running jackets after I had a bad experience without a running jacket, in very bad snow. Deciding to be a hero, I went for a run in the freezing temperatures. All I had on was a thin long sleeved top on, leggings and my trusty Asics Gel-Phoenix 8 shoes. Big mistake.

On mile 3 out of 7, I realised what a mistake I had made. Not only was the temperature freezing and the slowly falling snow adding to the problem. The wind was extreme and I was basically shivering whilst I ran. Having learnt my lesson the hard way, I decided to research running jackets and got a couple for myself. Now I won’t have to repeat this bad experience.

I hope this article can help other runners so they can equip themselves with the best equipment available. That way, runners can enjoy their running life. Whatever the weather. Happy running!


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